Sungarden Nursery School

Firstly, a thank you from the school for the work you and Khensi did in getting the movement and music sections ready for the concert. Thank you for being here last Saturday to support the children through the concert. I hope you enjoyed the concert after the hard work that went into getting everything in place.
I wanted to take this opportunity to express the value your brought to our school in the way you teach music. The fresh vibrant approach you bring to music is lovely. The use of instruments and good discipline during classes is such an advantage to have had on a regular basis this year. Your consistency and good organisation as a company has been a pleasure to experience. Bringing to the table what you have promised, and adding a little more because that’s the kind of person you are,  is commendable. Thank you.
I greatly appreciate what you have put in place in the lives of our children.
With warm regards

Shann de Smidt
Sungarden Nursery School / Eastside Primary School

Linden Pre Primary

Tanya teaches music and movement at Linden Pre-Primary, her lessons are very dynamic and the children thoroughly enjoy her enthusiasm and fulfilled classes. A fantastic teacher with a great love and passion for what she does and teaches the children.

Lindy Schmidt
Linden Pre Primary

Think Kids Nursery School:

Tanya has been involved as an Extra Mural teacher here at Think Kids, as a Music and Movement teacher since July 2009. In the time that we have known her, we have witnessed her ability to get children excited about Music, Movement and learning.

With her extensive dancing career and personal teaching background, it is refreshing to meet someone so passionate about Music and Movement. Tanya sees the necessity of not only humouring the children but actually educating them on the history behind the instrument or dance step. She furthermore teaches them on WHY we do certain things in the world of dance, expression, co ordination and instrument playing. So it is not surprising that her lessons are not only active but highly educational as well.

The children love Tanya's lessons, she always gives her very best to the lessons and is 100% focused and committed to the children during the lesson. Tanya is visionary; she is always looking for new ideas and techniques to include in her lesson plans.

Knowing that Tanya has the ability to create magic in the lives of children, I know that she will be an asset wherever she supplies her ingenuity.

Sandra Parsons
Think Kids Nursery School


Thank you for inviting us to attend the lesson I am very proud of him. He loves music so much and in the next school that he goes to he will be learning to play the recorder, etc as well. Once again, thank you for the love and care that you have given to our kids. I know that Matt enjoys the music lessons so much– Prenusha Govender – Parent

Thank you so much for all the effort that you put in to help Jordan have fun during this activity once a week. Jordan likes to have fun and this is definitely her game.I do admire the fact that you are out of yourself, it makes a big difference to the kids – Sonja Groenewald – Parent

 You are doing a wonderful work with the kids and more than anything they are enjoying it. All the kids there were happy and interested and attentive. I think they enjoy the music and what they learn but YOU are probably the most important part of the activities for them – Cindy De Lange –Parent

Thanks for today, it was great to see the kiddies do their thing!  Kaden really enjoys Music Class and will often tell me about what he did for the day.  He has a good ear for music in the sense that he will hear a song on the radio and when it plays again, he will recognize it and always says.. “Listen mom, here’s my song” Thanks for doing a great job with the kiddies! – Kerry Ives – Parent

Your show last week was an absolute treat! And the Tango takes the cake….we still cant stop giggling about it! And it certainly explains much of the action around the house i.e. Chinese chopsticks being dug out of drawers to be used as rhythm sticks. – Liesel Shuin – Parent

I have seen a vast improvement in Bradley's listening skills as well as movement, and music skills. Tanya has a lot of passion for the children, I have seen the children enjoy her lessons and Idea’s in the class activities.  She keeps them focused at all times and always seems to keep things interesting for them. - Marilyn Acton – Parent and Nursery School teacher.

“Schools out for summer.”

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